Friday, February 19, 2010

Eggplant colored hair

its kind of hard to tell its an eggplant color lol but it has a purple-ish tint to it in the light.
i used manic panic Raven color for it ^.^
i did it pretty much the same way i did the red.

Fire red hair

i used manic panic :) it doesn't damage my hair AT ALL.
it practically just "stains" it.
it doesn't stink and smell the whole bathroom up like other hair dyes.
i bought it for $8.99 at sally's beauty supply ^.^

after i applied the dye, i just used my fingers to put the dye in and practically rubbed it everywhere lol sounds weird but thats how i got it really even everywhere...since my dogs tore up my hair dye brush applicator... -_-

this was the outcome, freshly out of the shower :)
if anyone plans on using manic panic, i suggest bleaching your hair first, the lighter you bleach it, the more it will turn out brighter and how it's supposed to look.

in sunlight ^.^

in the car

it looks pink in this pic lol but its just the lighting.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Japanese Schoolgirl Loose Socks

Im sooooooo in love with these loose socks!!! they're soooo hott on these girls :p
im ordering some from a japan seller on ebay ^.^
sucks im waiting six more days to actually get them since she has them on the "bidding" crap.
so im bidding on a pair -_-
cant wait to be the only one in my college wearing them xD
i want mine super scrunchy like theirs the more inches/centimeters they are, the longer they will be such as 59 inches, they're going to be super scrunchy :D

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hana SPC hyper circle black
i bought from

comfyness: 9/10, i wear them all the time usually and they seem to be really comfy til night time they get a little dry, but all you need is rewetting drops for dryness anyways.
enlargement: 10/10 they are one of the largest black circle lens out. i love the enlargement and the halo effect it gives.
color: 10/10 they always look super black, not to where it's "creepy" more of a natural pretty black.

with camera flash.

without flash, normal lighting.

this one was taken with my phone.

also taken with phone lol, they're huge.

i just ordered the new barbie super nudy series, color pink
i will do review for that when it comes in this week

Dollyeye Gray Circle Lens

Dollyeye Grey
i bought from

comfyness: i give about a 10/10
enlargement: i give about a 6/10 because to me they don't seem much different in size than NORMAL contact lenses, i rarely wear them since i usually want a noticeable enlargement.
color: 10/10 the color is always very bright even in normal light, so if you're going for a pure grey look, these are perfect or for a cosplay.

this pic was taken in my car lol in normal day lighting.

Max Pure Gray Circle lens

y max pure gray circle lens review.

these are my Max Pure Greys

(scale from 1 to 10)
they're pretty comfy to me about a 9/10 in comfyness.
the enlargement is pretty good i give it about an 8/10 in enlargement
the color i give about a 6/10..i was a bit disappointed, because i thought they would be a little more brighter in regular sunlight like in the model's pic, but they practically look like shiny black circle lenses unless the sun is shining right on your eyes -_-.
i know they say not to wear circle lens more than 8 hours a day, and people freak out about it..but i wear mine like 14 hours a day probably lol.

this pic is with camera flash.

without flash, normal lighting.

from blonde to Silver using Palty hair dye

Men's Palty Hair dye Ash Silver
is what i used to get my hair this silver/grey color :) palty didn't damage my hair at all.

I just recently bleached my hair to this lighter blonde.

then after, i dyed it to this gray/silver color, my bottom layers are still gold/blonde :)

Barbie Eye Super Nudy Pink circle lens

if you're viewing this post, go to my newer posts, i have a review i made for them!
this is the link to the post

So, i just ordered some new circle lens from
they are the new barbie eye super nudy pink :)
i highly recommend the barbie eye super nudies, more than the geo nudies.
they give a better enlargement effect :)
i should be receiving them in the mail soon, so i will do a review as soon as i get them :)