Friday, February 19, 2010

Fire red hair

i used manic panic :) it doesn't damage my hair AT ALL.
it practically just "stains" it.
it doesn't stink and smell the whole bathroom up like other hair dyes.
i bought it for $8.99 at sally's beauty supply ^.^

after i applied the dye, i just used my fingers to put the dye in and practically rubbed it everywhere lol sounds weird but thats how i got it really even everywhere...since my dogs tore up my hair dye brush applicator... -_-

this was the outcome, freshly out of the shower :)
if anyone plans on using manic panic, i suggest bleaching your hair first, the lighter you bleach it, the more it will turn out brighter and how it's supposed to look.

in sunlight ^.^

in the car

it looks pink in this pic lol but its just the lighting.

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