Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hana SPC hyper circle black
i bought from http://pinkyparadise.com/webshaper/s...ProductItem=17

comfyness: 9/10, i wear them all the time usually and they seem to be really comfy til night time they get a little dry, but all you need is rewetting drops for dryness anyways.
enlargement: 10/10 they are one of the largest black circle lens out. i love the enlargement and the halo effect it gives.
color: 10/10 they always look super black, not to where it's "creepy" more of a natural pretty black.

with camera flash.

without flash, normal lighting.

this one was taken with my phone.

also taken with phone lol, they're huge.

i just ordered the new barbie super nudy series, color pink
i will do review for that when it comes in this week

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