Tuesday, February 9, 2010

from blonde to Silver using Palty hair dye

Men's Palty Hair dye Ash Silver
is what i used to get my hair this silver/grey color :) palty didn't damage my hair at all.

I just recently bleached my hair to this lighter blonde.

then after, i dyed it to this gray/silver color, my bottom layers are still gold/blonde :)


  1. Ohhhh my goodness!!! That silver ash blond color looks so gorgeous on you <3 cute, cute ~

    Where did you buy it?
    I'm thinking of going blond again, but want a silvery ash color as opposed to just pale blond.

  2. thank you xD my friend bought it for me in canada lol but you can order palty online at a few places
    n sally's beauty supply has a few grey hair dyes too :)
    you have to mix them yourself though, thats what i had to do to get the rest of it super grey ^.^
    it looks so pretty in the light, it would look great on you :D

  3. I just ordered it from import-action.com with shipping within the US the total is about $17 I'm not sure what it would cost for international shipping. I'm thinking of dying it over my partially bleached hair which is a light brown (i bleached it from dark, dark, brown) since i want a darker gray. Like the one on the box, but maybe a little darker. Im so excited to dye my hair silver!

  4. you think I could use this on unbleached, medium brown hair? I want something like the picture on the box. And I read that Palty dyes lighten to some degree, since they are intended for black/Asian hair. But I don't know if that's true...

    Anyway, your hair looks great ^^

  5. hey jayjay :) well i recommend bleaching it to a blonde or any pretty light color you can get it to, cause the lighter the hair color the more it will turn out like it is on the box, i think if you try it with your medium brown hair that it wont show up much and it will give your hair a greenish/grayish tint to it n you're probably not going to like the outcome of it lol. n this palty didn't really seem to lighten my hair much since its a bit different than the other palty hair dyes

    n thanks so much :D

  6. hi radioactive granny :)
    i think you should probably bleach it one more time before you use the dye, and if you have thick or long hair you might need two boxes cause one box really wasn't enough for my thick hair lol so i just mostly dyed the top half, i think im going to use the site you ordered yours from for now on cause that's a pretty good price lol

  7. i tried this twice in one day and it didn't dye my hair, even after i bleached it blonde.. i'm asian so my hair was black.. but it didn't turn it grey at all :( How long did you leave it in for?


  8. damn that sucks ass :(
    at sally's beauty supply u can buy some grey hair color to help go over it.
    im asian too lol..and my hair was black..i bleached it about 3 times to get it that lighter blonde

    how long did you leave the palty in?
    i left mine in for a about 45 minutes..i always leave color dyed in for around 45 minutes

  9. hey shroomy can you just hit me up on aim? "BurnDownTheD1sco" gogogo! :D

  10. When you dyed your hair silver how long did the color last?

  11. Hi there miss Shroomy~
    I was just wondering how you got the bottom layers to be blond/silver...?

    and is the color last long? Or does it sort of fade out after a while?

  12. hey~ i dye my hair quite a lot, but i recently thought of dying my hair silver like my idols do, so i was wondering how long this dye stays in for???^W^

  13. do u bleac it tn put dye over top of te bleac