Thursday, February 11, 2010

Japanese Schoolgirl Loose Socks

Im sooooooo in love with these loose socks!!! they're soooo hott on these girls :p
im ordering some from a japan seller on ebay ^.^
sucks im waiting six more days to actually get them since she has them on the "bidding" crap.
so im bidding on a pair -_-
cant wait to be the only one in my college wearing them xD
i want mine super scrunchy like theirs the more inches/centimeters they are, the longer they will be such as 59 inches, they're going to be super scrunchy :D


  1. I saw loose socks like those on Socks Dreams :D
    (and even ones that're ULTRA loose, like 200 inches or sock lol)

    how much are the ones you're bidding on, cause sock dreams has free shipping in the US ♥

  2. oh wow thank you so much :D i been wanting some so bad lol >.< the ones i was bidding on were like 8.80 for shipping -_- which is gay n she wants people to bid more than 19.80 gay lol thank you im gona get them from here instead :D

  3. haha somebody beat me to it, i was going to tell you to get them at sock dreams as well. that store is awesome and has a ton of different and crazy varieties.

  4. I'm 32 and have 7 pair of loose socks, I friggin LOVE THEM!!!! I wear them all year round. My husband is in the Navy and said when he goes to Japan he is going to get me more. But for now I am stuck buying and probably bidding against you on eBay, lol!!! Seriously though, these are great and I totally love them. Super kawaii!!!

  5. These socks have been out of style for 10 years. I went to high school in Japan.