Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Max Pure Gray Circle lens

y max pure gray circle lens review.

these are my Max Pure Greys
from http://pinkyparadise.com/webshaper/s...roductItem=212

(scale from 1 to 10)
they're pretty comfy to me about a 9/10 in comfyness.
the enlargement is pretty good i give it about an 8/10 in enlargement
the color i give about a 6/10..i was a bit disappointed, because i thought they would be a little more brighter in regular sunlight like in the model's pic, but they practically look like shiny black circle lenses unless the sun is shining right on your eyes -_-.
i know they say not to wear circle lens more than 8 hours a day, and people freak out about it..but i wear mine like 14 hours a day probably lol.

this pic is with camera flash.

without flash, normal lighting.


  1. WOW, i love this! are perfect for me, i'm glad you've done a review because i really wanted to see how those circle lenses look on normal girls, i mean not models, even when you look like one! you're gorgeous! <3

  2. aw no problem :D im glad you viewed the review :p lol
    so glad i could help though ^.^
    n thanks so much <3 lol :p

  3. waw!! cute lenses!! i love your make up!