Saturday, March 20, 2010

3d nails Decoden pt.II

i just re-did my nails last night :)
took me probably 3 hours all together not counting the eating breaks i took lol.
this is the UV gel i use, purchased from sally's beauty supply.

they look ugly as hell lol until i add the glitter.

there i am..adding the glitter lol..i always add two shades of glitter on each nail, i add a light gold at the top and random colors at the tip and blend them to meet each other.

should turn out somewhat like this after you've blended the glitter and added another coat of UV gel and cured it under the UV lamp.

you might wonder why your nails are still sticky from the UV gel even after you've cured it under the UV lamp?
well i did lol..all you have to do is wipe them down with a lint free cotton pad and acetone :).

left hand

right hand

thanks to my andrew for taking this pic lol

and here's short video!

BB cream + false lashes

my Hanbul BB+ UV solution bb cream!
its pretty cheap $30.50, i purchased it at O-mart, which is the asian supermarket.
they have a cosmetic store in there where i get some of my stuff from
im going to do a little picture review for this BB cream, showing the tattoo on my wrist before i apply it, and the finished look after applying it once.

about to apply the BB cream :)
took this pic with flash on, it covers up really good :) so if any1 has redness in their face n wants to get rid of it, purchase some BB cream!

and without flash

anndddddddd i love EYE noon eyelashes!
these only go from halfway to the end of my eye though, they're way more comfy to me
only 3.99 :p

Friday, March 12, 2010

no make-up

my no make-up pic lol
my eyes are so much rounder without eyeliner o_0
i always think i look like the living dead without make-up lol

Barbie Eye Super Nudy Pink review

review for Barbie Eye Super Nudy Pink circle lens review!!
 i give them a 10/10 for enlargement
8/10 in comfort, they tend to get kind of dry the longer i wear them
9/10 in color, because it says pink but most of the time they look more purple than pink.
i purchased them from
feel free to leave me youtube comments :p lol

the eye on the right has NO circle lens lol incase you're wondering why it looks retarded.

Review for Dolly Eye grey circle lens!

m comparing them to my super nudy pinks
i only really recommend them if you're needing them for cosplay, or a bright grey lens.
i don't recommend them for enlargement though.
they are pretty comfortable, and they feel really breathable.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

pigtails lol

i love pigtails :D
i guess im just too lazy to fix my hair like this often.

my fiance n a few others said i remind them of misty from pokemon lol i guess cause of the orange hair.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nail Deco Vid

short vid i made after doing my nails just to show a few items that i use :)
ignore the backround sound lol i was watching one of my old fave animes..fruits basket :p

Friday, March 5, 2010

3d Nails! deco'd them myself :)

so i started deco'ing practically everything i can get my hands on to deco lol
such as my cell phone, camera, ipod, and DSi lol
i started doing my own nails again, not using acrylic this time.
i use UV gel now, UV builder gel and the regular UV gel.

well first i apply the false tips, then cut and file them, then add the builder gel and brush evenly, then i cure them under the UV lamp i have, which i ordered from ebay for like $17 lol
then i dip the tips in glitter, they turn out like this :)

curing them under my little UV lamp lol

this was the finished look for my left hand
this is the finished look on my right hand ^.^

all the stuff i used, flatback jewels n pearls, the gels, nail file, UV lamp, etc.
looks pretty next to my phone lol

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Decoden! i deco'd my sidekick and my digital camera :)


i bought most of the stuff from michaels n took the hello kitty faces off some of my HK jewelry lol
i ordered the flatback pearls off of ebay, from hong kong.
i used goop glue, it dries clear :)
it was a fun project ^.^ i think im going to deco anything else i can get my hands on lol

School girl look!