Friday, March 5, 2010

3d Nails! deco'd them myself :)

so i started deco'ing practically everything i can get my hands on to deco lol
such as my cell phone, camera, ipod, and DSi lol
i started doing my own nails again, not using acrylic this time.
i use UV gel now, UV builder gel and the regular UV gel.

well first i apply the false tips, then cut and file them, then add the builder gel and brush evenly, then i cure them under the UV lamp i have, which i ordered from ebay for like $17 lol
then i dip the tips in glitter, they turn out like this :)

curing them under my little UV lamp lol

this was the finished look for my left hand
this is the finished look on my right hand ^.^

all the stuff i used, flatback jewels n pearls, the gels, nail file, UV lamp, etc.
looks pretty next to my phone lol


  1. omg I want *_________* but I´m really clusmy lol

  2. You have some really awesome nail talent there. I am so impressed. I really wish I could do something similar, but alas I have to stick to pre-made fake nails. How did you learn? Was the equipment expensive?

    Really nice nails!

  3. thanks estela! i am too lol i tried to make a cool video of me doing it but i kept dropping the jewels n tried to play it off so many times, i just said screw the video lol

  4. aw thank you Hana xD
    i think you could mos definitely do it :)
    i just learned by watching some tutorials on youtube, then purchasing the products i NEED for it such as the UV gel and UV builder gel which is what you put over the false tips.
    well lets see, i spend about $6 dollars on the UV gel n UV builder gel, spend $3 dollars on 500 false nail tips, spent $17.99 for the UV lamp, which those items are really the main ones needed, it was actually pretty cheap, my friend got hers done in cali for $280 and i spent nowhere near that much! :D