Friday, March 12, 2010

Barbie Eye Super Nudy Pink review

review for Barbie Eye Super Nudy Pink circle lens review!!
 i give them a 10/10 for enlargement
8/10 in comfort, they tend to get kind of dry the longer i wear them
9/10 in color, because it says pink but most of the time they look more purple than pink.
i purchased them from
feel free to leave me youtube comments :p lol

the eye on the right has NO circle lens lol incase you're wondering why it looks retarded.


  1. Wow.. those are fabulous, I love them! How long did it take you to receive them after ordering?

  2. I *really* love your nails!! Do the little rhinestone bits fall off?

  3. So happy there's a review!! I didn't order the Barbie ones, but the EOS nudys..They look really cute on you though! :]

  4. How do you think they would look on someone with blue eyes?

  5. i just purchased a barbie eye super nudy blue online.
    do you think it will look good?