Saturday, March 20, 2010

BB cream + false lashes

my Hanbul BB+ UV solution bb cream!
its pretty cheap $30.50, i purchased it at O-mart, which is the asian supermarket.
they have a cosmetic store in there where i get some of my stuff from
im going to do a little picture review for this BB cream, showing the tattoo on my wrist before i apply it, and the finished look after applying it once.

about to apply the BB cream :)
took this pic with flash on, it covers up really good :) so if any1 has redness in their face n wants to get rid of it, purchase some BB cream!

and without flash

anndddddddd i love EYE noon eyelashes!
these only go from halfway to the end of my eye though, they're way more comfy to me
only 3.99 :p


  1. omg! i must try that bb cream :) thank you for the pictures

  2. it was the cheapest bb cream they had cause the rest were like 50 dollars plus -_-
    but it works great for the cheaper one :D
    i bet if i put another layer of it over my tattoo it would have totally covered it up

    and no prob nicol! <3

  3. I dont know where I can buy that in Spain u_u but I´ll search or buy it by internet! muahaha

    P.D: your nails *0*