Thursday, June 17, 2010

MI Circle lens! from Kiwiberry1

I have finally found red lenses with prescription!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are color red wine.
is the direct link to these lens on her facebook store.
I thought it was too good to be true lol thanks so much to kiwiberry1
check out her store at:
or her facebook store:
only the peach and red wine are in prescription though.
but to me, those are the most rare ones!
i cant wait to order these..i plan on ordering them tonight from her ^-^ and i will do video review on the lens :) cant wait to order these!!!! im so excited lol now i can really look like a vampire :p
and the good part is they are only $20 ^-^ and come with a free contact lens case!


she also has one of the largest selection of Pink circle lens!
here is the pink collection she currently is selling

so check out her store ^-^
i also plan on ordering false lashes from her too :p lol

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sparklyplayground's 1st Giveaway!

this is such a great giveaway :D so much cute stuff for beauty and deco ^-^
i was excited to see such a good giveaway with so many things and so many things that i myself would love to have/use ^-^

link to the giveaway:

here is the blog

she also has a nice store on facebook to check out!/group.php?gid=287725565095

and you can add/subscribe to her youtube ^-^
she is giving:
10 pairs of False Eyelashes
3 x Nail Stickers
1 x Nail Tips w/ Nail Glue
100 x 3mm Clear Rhinestones
25 x Fimo Sticks
1 x Professional Nail File for Acrylic / UV Gel Nails
1 x Nail Decoration White Lace
1 x Nail Decoration Black Lace
1 x Skin Food Orange and Mink Body Wash
1 x Glitter for Make Up and Nails
1 x Pink Lacey Ribbon Hair Clip
1 x Blue Lacey Ribbon Hair Clip
100 x Bling Bling Rhinestones

gosh i haven't seen many giveaways as good as this ^-^ i hope i can win it myself LOL
anyone can sign up for the give away which is from June 15 - July 14 (11:59pm) EST
it is open to Canada and US.