Monday, September 27, 2010

i.Fairy Cherry Gold circle lens review

my review over the new i.Fairy Cherry Gold circle lens
i love these lenses, they kind of give you that twilight look.
16.2 mm some of the largest lenses out.
i purchased these and my i.fairy ruby red from geo-lens house on facebook
here is the link to his facebook
he's a great seller and i plan on purchasing even more lenses from him ^-^

youtube video i.fairy gold circle lens review


  1. The colour of them are really gorgeous!

  2. Love the color!! It's so striking!! :D
    and digging the new tattoo!! It's pretty cool~

  3. thanks so much!

    n i plan on getting a whole sleeve with similar art to it :p

  4. I love your review... :D
    but, do you think the pink ones are good? I plan to buy them, but I can't find a review on the pink ones.... and I don't know if I should get the hanabi or the jewel series.... :(
    please help me....

  5. oooh those are bright! are there other colors in the cherry series? All i've been seeing is the gold color!

  6. I was looking for gold lenses and these are really good!

    by the way, I just followed your site. Hope you could follow me back. Thank you!